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"I no longer have power…power over Jaffa."

Zirstyr is a Goa'uld and the second wife of the System Lord Wepwawet.


Background information[]

Zirstyr once ruled her own domain, however, it was conquered by Wepwawet. She then agreed to marry him, becoming his second Queen and consort, only in order to retain her status in System Lord society. Because of this, she was amicable to working with Phoenix Site to bring her husband down. (RPG: "Core Rulebook", "Where Giants Tread")


In 2002 on P3X-582, Zirstyr secretly dismissed the guards of Wepwawet's captives and freed Karrasha, Kulera, Bervell, Oringo, Maste and Bythal.[3] (RPG: "Groundbreaking")

Later, Zirstyr formed an alliance with Phoenix Site, when she asked for asylum from Wepwawet in exchange for her knowledge of the Artifact. Her asylum was granted. (RPG: "Where Giants Tread", "Ave Maria", "Perfidy")


In 2003, Zirstyr and the Tok'ra Kurser attempted an experiment that tried to siphon a portion of the Living Artifact's energy and store it into a reinforced battery cell. The attempt led to the Artifact emitting white light and radiation levels spiked. Zirstyr pushed Kurser out of the room and sealed the door behind her, right before a wave of energy washed over her and slammed her into the door. She suffered a mild concussion and was moved to the medical bay.

The next day, having heard news around base of a downed Asgard vessel, Zirstyr went to the gate room and invited herself to join Dr. Rodney McKay and a Phoenix team in recovering it on P2X-649. (RPG: "Ave Maria")

Zirstyr feared Phoenix Site couldn't assist her in overthrowing her husband, so she betrayed them. When she and Dr. Jason Burg prepared the Asgard vessel's core for a replacement power source, as its original had been irreparably damaged, she secretly used the ship's communications to talk to Wepwawet's First Prime J'ta and planned to steal the Artifact with the use of the ship's transporter to beam herself and the Artifact to the Stargate and escape to P3X-582 where J'ta waited for her. She covered up her activities with the ruse of helping Rodney to remove secondary communication components from the bridge's consoles, which is where the communications and beam controls are housed. (RPG: "Perfidy")

When Wepwawet's Ha'taks entered the sector, with a trajectory close to Phoenix planet, Zirstyr was considered to have been the one that sent Phoenix Site's location to him. (RPG: "United")


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