Zipacna's Ha'tak was the flagship of Zipacna's fleet as he traveled to worlds to conquer and oversee.


This Hatak had one main feature that set it apart. It's Pel'tak design included a very different design and included large decorated columns and had a throne for the Goa'uld. It is unknown if any upgrades were made but since Zipacna was an underlord of the System Lord Anubis, it can be assumed it had the same upgrades like Anubis' Ha'tak.


This Ha'tak was a meeting place between Osiris and Zipacna about Anubis' plans for galactic domination and how Osiris was to go to the summit to meet with the System Lords. Osiris accepted the offer and joined Anubis' forces. It then lead the attack on the Tok'ra base on Revanna. (SG1: "Summit", "Last Stand")

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