The Zigarans are a race of Human inhabitants of the planet Zigara. They are allied with Jaffs living in the same world.


Thousands of years passed, and the Zigarans slowly learned the truth about what once happened to their "god", and soon they had only legends about gods. They forgot or lost all references to Marduk and forgot about the Stargate completely. Despite this, true knowledge was preserved by the "Jaffs", the descendants of the priests who had once rebelled, who passed down oral information to their successors. Only these people knew of the true dangers that awaited the people of Zigara through the Stargate. The Stargate was rediscovered and research began in the 1900s. Despite the Jaffs lobbying to have the gate buried, the discovery of the Ancient portal device spurred on research of the alien technologies discovered in proximity to it, meaning that the Zigarans' weapons technology enjoyed great advancement relative to Earth.

Unfortunately for the Zigarans, one of the first worlds visited by them, via the list of addresses they discovered in the ruins of a building near the Stargate, was controlled by the Goa'uld Bel. Bel managed to capture some of the Zigarans and, through torture, discovered how important their world could be for him. He sent a surprise attack to the Zigaran homeworld and managed to capture both the Stargate and the caves surrounding it. Bel's military might and advanced technology served him well until this point, but when the Zigarans unleashed their new prototype weapon that had been reverse-engineered from Goa'uld devices, Bel's forces found themselves matched.

Thus, the two parties reached an impasse with neither side able to gain an advantage over the other; Bel was restricted to sending his troops through the Stargate, and the Zigarans were cut off from any outside help from Stargate. The Zigarans knew however that the Goa'uld would eventually either break their lines or derive their stellar location and send a fleet to attack from orbit. Because of this, they redoubled their efforts to crack the technology that they managed to save from the ruins. Eventually they were able to set up some transportation rings that gave them instant two-way access to a moon base they had constructed. This base was only the prelude to a massive industrial and technological surge they had planned, which they hoped would allow they to use the base to manufacture a ship for defense against attacks from space. (RPG: "Living Gods: Stargate System Lords")

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