Zenna Valk was a Pangaran scientist attempting to translate the Goa'uld language on the walls of the ruined Goa'uld temple on Pangar. Upon the arrival of SG-1 on Pangar, she showed Jonas Quinn and Teal'c around the temple, and was delighted to accept their offer of assistance with her translation. Before they left, she delivered a cryptic warning about her civilization's wonder drug, Tretonin, which she later denied giving. Her strange behavior led Jonas and Teal'c to break into the Tretonin production facility and discover that the drug was made from symbiotes.

She was present for the discovery that the Goa'uld Queen the Pangarans were using to make Tretonin was in fact Egeria, queen of the Tok'ra. This led to the sudden halt in Tretonin production, and Valk seemed concerned that her race had learned nothing from the situation they now found themselves in. Upon revealing her fears to Jonas--whom she seemed to share a mutual attraction with--he was able to cheer her up. (SG1: "Cure")

Behind the scenesEdit

Allison Hossack also played Perna in the Stargate: Atlantis episode "Poisoning the Well." Both characters are scientists who are involved with potentially dangerous medicines and work with the protagonists, to the point of developing an apparent attraction to one of the characters (Jonas for Zenna and Doctor Carson Beckett for Perna).

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