The Zastava M85 was a projectile weapon made by the Tau'ri of then-Yugoslavia. It has a short barrel, a folding metal stock and a muzzle brake.

The Zastava M85 differs from the overall similar Russian-issue Kalashnikov AKS-74U mainly in that the M85 has a ventrally-folding stock like the Kalashnikov AKMS rather than the AKS-74 series' (including the AKS-74U) side-folding stock, as well as somewhat different dimensions, although the overall appearance of the two weapons is quite similar.

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  • Colonel Alexi Zukhov, the commander of the first official Russian SGC team, thought the Zastava M85 came from his native Russia. Thus, the M85 is almost certainly still standing in for the AKS-74U. Very little of post-1970s Soviet/Russian hardware has yet made it into movie armories, as it simply hasn't yet been phased out from active use. One in four Russian police troopers (only some of whom bear officer ranks; hence the generic term "trooper" rather than "officer") supplement their handguns with the AKS-74U carbine, as well as every tank driver and radio operator in the Russian armed forces, so it is in high demand. Zastava M85's, on the other hand, never saw large-scale military use due to the dissolution of Yugoslavia occurring shortly after the model was introduced, disrupting production and army sales. Those that were made are thus presumably easier to come by than ASK-74U's. Furthermore, most viewers would not recognize the difference anyway.
  • The first official Russian SGC team used Zastava M85s in a mission into the Marduk's tomb on P2X-338. (SG1: "The Tomb")

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