Yaxkin was a race of Humans from the planet Yaxkin.


The Yaxkin people were brought to this planet by the Omeyocan to be free from Goa'uld rule. They used the crystal skull to visit Earth and trade. This continued until one day the Aztec came through the crystal skull and took over the shipments and the capital city Picari. The Yaxkin could not use the crystal skull to get help from other worlds, and Coatlicue arrived in her spaceship with a Stargate. The people did not know how to fight, but they had advanced biological weapons.

They unleashed a bioweapon that killed the enemy, except Coatlicue, and that later mutated and killed the locals. The Yaxkin elders left a message written in a building about the incident, and how the virus died out along with the last of their people. A long time later, SG-1 and Nicholas Ballard arrived on the planet and found it deserted, the city in ruins with no sign of a struggle. After searching, they learned of the Yaxkin's fate. (SG1: "City of the Gods")

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