Yatuka Ohbuchi is a female Hidoman from planet Hidoma.


Shimana's elected leader is a 52 year old engineer. Her parents both served on the city's Governing Council and instilled a strong sense of duty in Yatuka and her four siblings. Her test results showed ability in math and science, and she served Hidoman equivalent to a master's in technology. She worked for several years for the compensation of the city council. She was adopted at age 40 and became the city's director 10 years later. According Yatukas network leadership transport has become a high priority in the Shimana. Road and rail system is in excellent condition. Geologists have been instructed to locate reserves of petroleum to fuel the aircraft.

Yatuka is enthusiastic about continuing Tomoko Hiranas work to rebuild Hidoma. She approves quiet about the cult of personality around the hem because she believes that her predecessor's reputation can serve as an overwhelmingly positive for the city's young people and women. Yatuka is married with three adult children. In her private life the director is a talented artist. She retains the soft features of her youth and dresses as comfortably as she can be given that position. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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