Yaozu is a male Tau'ri who is a descendant of the Destiny expedition, and was a settlement leader on the colony after Novus' Stargate stopped responding thirty years prior.


Background information

Born on Novus, Yaozu is a descendant of the Destiny expedition, sharing a name with Camile Wray's father. When he was a child, his father used to take Yaozu with him to work with him when Yaozu's father was working in the Novus fallout bunker. As of 2010, some thirty years after becoming stranded on a colony world, Yaozu was a leader, being responsible for at least one settlement. Yaozu also knew some Mandarin, including a greeting that roughly translated to "May all things go according to the wishes of those who hear it" While being aware of scripture relating to the Destiny and the ancestors, Yaozu did not seem to believe in them, remarking to Wray that he never imagined he'd be meeting them. In addition, he felt that those who believed Dr. Nicholas Rush was a demon were "somewhat less enlightened" then the rest of his people. (SGU: "Common Descent", "Epilogue")


After meeting Camile Wray, MSgt. Ronald Greer and Lt. Matthew Scott, Yaozu introduced Landon, Abigale and Betty. He then offered tea and a seat to the group, stating that each had questions for the other, he then offered ancient words of greeting. Yaozu was one of the people given a tour of Destiny by Camile Wray, visiting the bridge and gateroom, thanking her for the tour. Yaozu then asked Wray if Destiny could transport the settlers back to Novus, explaining they were to build a colony, but only with on going support from Novus. Yaozu then explained that the settlers have bored many hardships through the thirty years, remarking that hard to believe that the Futurans were correct, and Destiny was there to rescue them. (SGU: "Common Descent")

When Destiny arrived at Novus, Yaozu accompanied the first surface team which discovered the planet to be completely deserted and in the middle of a volcanic winter. Yaozu was able to lead the team to the Tenaran archive where he had played as a kid and joined the exploration. When Dr. Adam Brody attempted to set up an uplink to Destiny to upload the Tenaran databank, Yaozu was noticeably unhappy with Eli pointing out that the alternate Brody was the founding father of the Tenaran's enemy country, Futura. During an earthquake, Yaozu suffered a minor head injury for which he was treated by TJ. He is present when Dr. Lisa Park determines that the theory of a black hole is right and the city is falling into a fault line. After learning that TJ will develop Lou Gehrig's Disease, Yaozu reveals that Novan scientists developed a cure for it over two hundred years before and that it is the database along with all sorts of other cures. Yaozu subsequently evacuates the destabilizing bunker and remains on the shuttle with Wray and Park when the rest of the team rushes to the rescue of those trapped in the bunker. Along with the other Novan settlers, he is then transported by Destiny to the colony world where the other Novans were headed to. (SGU: "Epilogue")

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