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The Xi'an are a race of humans native to the planet Xi'an in the Milky Way galaxy.

History[edit | edit source]

The Xi'an people were once under the Goa'uld System Lord Vu's reign, until the Xi'an people rose up and fought for their freedom.

Soon after their liberation however, the Xi'an colony Haidon was attacked by the Lucian Alliance. After their defeat by the leader Corrin, the Xi'an home world was given thirty days to submit to Lucian rule or die.

The Tau'ri and Jaffa attempted to aid the Xi'an people in defending their world (due to their planet having the secret of the ninth chevron), only for it to have been a setup as some of the Xi'an military under General Szeto had already given in to Lucian rule.

Some Xi'an fighters, under the command of Duizhu Cheung, continued to battle against the Alliance, in an attempt to win their people's freedom once more. (SGU: "Icarus 1")

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