"She is one of many thousands that have come to serve us -- even worship us."
―Wraith Hive Queen speaking about Neera[src]

Wraith worshippers are people who serve and worship the Wraith. They have their own belief system, with visions of the future when the great culling will begin. In return for their devotion and service, they are allowed to live. The most devout are even allowed to receive the Gift of Life. Some Wraith worshippers lived inside hive ships. (SGA: "The Hive", "Common Ground")

Wraith worshippers are held in contempt by the general population of the Pegasus Galaxy. In fact, most Wraith worshippers, upon being discovered, are attacked and sometimes killed.

When questioned by Doctor Daniel Jackson, Ember informs him that the Wraith do not see these people as worshippers but rather pets. During the conversation, Ember reveals that not all hives take worshippers as some Wraith have trouble seeing humans as food when interacting with them as worshippers and seeing them as sentient beings. (SGA: "The Third Path")

Known Wraith worshipersEdit

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