"...Unimaginative, rigid thought patterns."
Michael Kenmore[src]

Wraith warriors, also known as Wraith soldiers or simply drones, are the military caste of the Wraith.


Wraith warriors appear male. They wear masks that appear to be made of bone, completely covering their faces, so much that even their eyes cannot be seen. Their armor also possesses a self-destruct device that has a ten-second countdown. The warriors usually carry stunner weapons and occasionally grenades and combat knives. They are described as being unimaginative, with rigid thought patterns. In addition to being the foot soldiers of the Wraith, they have been seen operating control consoles on the bridges of hive ships and the captured Daedalus. (SGA: "Rising", "Suspicion", "The Defiant One", "Misbegotten", "Enemy at the Gate", "The Queen", "First Contact")

It was speculated by Dr. Meredith Rodney McKay that these drone Wraith are subject to the telepathic influence of the higher castes and once that is gone, they revert to a more basic animalistic intelligence. (SGA: "Infection")

In the center of their chest, they wear an aegis that has a single button on it. Pressing it will make it go into a countdown (of about 8-10 seconds) before exploding with a surprisingly large amount of force. Seen twice in the series, it is presumed they do this to prevent capture or as a last resort (SGA: "Suspicion", "Sateda").

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