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The Wraith underling was once a member of Todd's Hive ship before betraying him and attacking Earth with an upgraded Hive ship, where he was killed by Sheppard's team.



"I was able to return to my position as leader of the alliance, although I have met a recent setback [...] I was attacked by one of my underlings."
Todd, referring to his fallout with the Wraith underling[src]

At an unknown date, Todd had ordered the development of a new version of Hive ship using his stolen Zero Point Modules as its power source. In early 2009, the Wraith underling organized a mutiny against Todd and defeated him using the Hive ship. With no other choice left (and to spite the Wraith underling), Todd contacted Atlantis and urged them to destroy the new Hive before it would become completely unstoppable.

The Expedition sent the Daedalus to engage the new Hive ship, but the ZPM powered vessel proved an formidable opponent, crippling the Daedalus before making a sudden and inexplicable jump into hyperspace. The Hive received a weak subspace signal in Wraith code. The signal was sent through subspace, from another reality. The message contained a very important set of coordinates — the Wraith had finally found the location of Earth and its defenses.

The Hive ship dropped out of hyperspace before reaching Earth, where they fought two Tau'ri vessels, the Apollo and the Sun Tzu. The ships failed to stop the Hive, and they continued their travel toward Earth. When the Hive arrived, they placed themselves in orbit over Earth's Moon. The Wraith underling sent a large group of Wraith Darts toward Area 51 in order to destroy the control chair of the Ancient outpost on Earth. The attack was successful and with the outpost neutralized Earth was now completely defenseless.

A team of Tau'ri soldiers dialed into the Hive and attempted to infiltrate the ship. Meanwhile, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard successfully infiltrated the Hive with his F-302 through the Dart bay, planning to nuke the ship from the inside. When the Wraith underling was about to attack Earth, Atlantis came out of hyperspace in position between the Hive and Earth in order to buy Stargate Command more time. Atlantis took the brunt of the Hive ship's assault on Earth and launches a barrage of drones in retaliation. The sheer force of the Hive's weapons fire pushed the City-ship into Earth's atmosphere, straining on the shield.

In a desperate battle on board the Hive ship, Ronon Dex was stabbed in a fight with two Wraith warriors. The knife pierced his lung and he died from the resulting blood loss; with Teyla Emmagan and Dr. Rodney McKay being left visibly upset by Ronon's death. Unfortunately, due to the fact that Wraith were closing in, Major Evan Lorne forced them to leave his body behind. The Wraith underling brought Ronon back to life for interrogation, but the team was able to rescue him, killing the Wraith underling in the process. The team on the Hive ship managed to escape, and the warhead successfully detonated, destroying the Hive ship and ending the Wraith underling's attack on Earth. (SGA: "Enemy at the Gate")

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