The Wraith tracking system is a device used by the Wraith.


These portable machines are attached to the forearm. They are capable of tracking the unique signal generated by a Wraith tracker. This allows them to locate Runners that are dispatched throughout the galaxy. They are typically used by Wraith hunters once they're on foot and hunting a Runner. The device has a blue screen with a grid that displays a red dot, indicating the location of the Runner in relation to Hunter wearing the device. It works much like a life signs detector, but only detects the specific subspace signal emitted by a Wraith tracker. (SGA: "Sateda")


Rodney McKay removes the device from a dead Wraith on planet M33-985


A number of hunters made use of the tracking system when they were searching for the runner Kiryk. One of their number was killed by a trap that was hidden by the Human runner and his tracking system was confiscated by Rodney McKay who used it to find Kiryk. (SGA: "Tracker")

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