The Wraith tracking drone, also known as a Wraith probe, is used as a scout to explore and relay their information back to the Wraith.


A Wraith tracking drone on Sateda.

The drones appear to come in at least two shapes. They can apparently levitate, but how they do so is unknown. One is completely spherical in appearance, and another resembles a spinning top. The former has been known to investigate planets or locations when a long dormant signal is reactivated. It then scans the locations for life signs and reports back to the master's Hive ship to relay the information it has collected. The latter has been used as a means to observe Runners as they attempt to evade Wraith hunters and is capable of relaying live video feed back to the Hive ship. They can be disabled by some well placed weapons fire, but they often react quickly enough to dodge bullets. (SGA: "Sateda")

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