Wraith stunners are weapons used by the Wraith to stun their victims instead of killing them, so that they may be culled. Wraith stunners release a burst of energy that impede the neurons of the brain, that enable the necessary movement of the body, causing a full overload to the sensory and motor nervous systems of the body, effectively paralyzing them until the effects wear off. Humans under the influence of the Wraith enzyme are unaffected by the stunner. With the arrival of the Atlantis expedition, the Tau'ri have managed to acquire several Wraith stunners, and they have become standard issue to offworld reconnaissance teams, much like the Zat guns used by the SGC. Unlike Zats, however, the devices cannot kill no matter how many times they are fired (within reason). They also cause no pain to the victim after the initial jolt to stun them.

There are five known models of Wraith stunners:

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