The modification equipment assembled and accessing the Stargate.

The modification equipment is a set of various devices used by the Wraith for interfacing and controlling Ancient Stargates and DHDs.


The set consists of a small variety of equipment: A large, chest sized device, and a tall human-sized spire-like machine with numerous organic cables attached to it. They connect to a DHD and alter the programming inside of it in order to achieve various goals. The equipment can be disassembled into lighter pieces allowing Wraith warriors to carry them to a location and making it fairly mobile.

As with most elements of Wraith technology, the devices have an organic appearance to it.

It is unlikely that the machinery added power but simply altered programming in order to access a certain gate system outside the galactic network, which shows the Wraith's computer programming skills and their ability to access and control old non-military Ancient technology.



Part of the machinery being assembled.

On a world on the edge of the Pegasus galaxy, a group of Wraith set up a camp in order to manipulate the planet's Stargate (which had already been altered by the Tau'ri) to connect to another gate in the McKay/Carter Intergalactic Gate Bridge, in this case, the Midway space station. After some time, the modifications were complete and it allowed the Wraith to travel to the Midway space station in order to use it as a platform to invade Earth and Stargate Command. (SGA: "Midway")

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