The medical scanner was a type of device used by the Wraith.


These equipment was a number of devices used for scanning an individual. It consisted of a single large console with a computer screen that showed data in the form of the Wraith language. This computer contained a smaller device attached to it which was used to scan a specific part of the body.

The machine was capable of monitoring the progress of a pregnant Human woman and determining the development of their child.

Its unknown what role this scanner performed for the Wraith.



Part of the scanner being used to check on the unborn child's health.

Michael Kenmore managed to scavenge elements of the technology and had a medical scanner in one of his secret bases. He took Teyla Emmagan to the installation where he used the device to monitor her child and noted that he was in perfect health. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 2")

Presumably, this meant that the machine was of Wraith design.
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