A Wraith lab.

Wraith laboratories were a type of outpost used by the Wraith.


Dr. Rodney McKay working at the research chambers console.

These structures were large domed outposts that were established by the Wraith on planets. They were used as outposts through which scientific research was conducted either for use against another race or between rival Hive ships. Door entrances allowed for access into the facility while internal chambers contained Wraith transporters that permitted personnel to move between various locations throughout the base. Internally, the doorways were similar to a Hive ship in that they contained certain corridors that held cocooned Humans that may either be for testing or for feeding. The larger outposts had the capacity to contain at least two Wraith Darts for use against intruders that approach near the laboratory. (SGA: "Reunion")

Humans cocooned in a lab.

The laboratory contained a primary capacitor and a power relay which helped in the powering of the facility. It was possible for a computer program to be introduced into the system which can result in the lab's destruction through a built-up overload. In addition to this, carefully placed explosions in the power relay room can bring about the entire base's destruction. (SGA: "The Last Man", "Broken Ties")

A corridor inside the lab.

Not all Wraith labs were large outposts. At least one type of laboratory was hidden within a mountain and made use of holographic genetically coded doorways that only allowed individuals with Wraith DNA through them. This may be because the Wraith Scientist was undergoing illegal research which required him to work secretly which might have necessitated the use of a secret laboratory. (SGA: "The Gift")

Known Outposts[]


In an alternate timeline, where Lt. Colonel John Sheppard was transported into the distant future, Michael Kenmore managed to capture a Wraith lab and converted it so that it was capable of producing more of his Hybrids. This facility was infiltrated by both Ronon Dex and the Wraith known as Todd both of whom used explosives to destroy the control room of the lab causing its destruction. (SGA: "The Last Man")


Control room chamber[]

Todd in the control room.

Deep inside the Wraith laboratories contained a specific control room which served as a vital component in the facility. A perfectly placed explosion was capable of not only destroying the chamber but causing the ultimate destruction of the laboratory itself.

In an alternate timeline where Lt. Colonel John Sheppard was lost in the future, Ronon Dex and the Wraith Todd went into the control room of a captured laboratory used by Michael Kenmore and his Hybrids. Ronon managed to place an explosive which destroyed the base. (SGA: "The Last Man")

Power relay chamber[]

These locations were vital locations within the domed laboratory outposts of the Wraith. They served as a vital link in the power distribution grid of the facility. A well placed explosive in the power relay chamber was capable of causing a catastrophic chain reaction that can ultimately lead to the destruction of the facility.

Tyre told the Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team about the power relay chamber and they placed remote explosives in the room which were detonated by Tyre which destroyed the outpost. (SGA: "Broken Ties")

Research chamber[]

An Asuran suspended in the research chamber's forcefield.

The primary purpose of the laboratories was for a means through which the Wraith could engage in scientific research. As such, they possessed special locations where new technology was created. These research chambers contained Wraith generated forcefields that were quite capable of capturing and holding a Replicator-based lifeform.

An Asuran was trapped in the research chamber by the Wraith who attempted to upload a deactivation virus into the machine lifeform but found it to be resistant to it. They attempted to enlist the aid of Dr. Rodney McKay to reverse the changes he made in order to make the computer virus effective. (SGA: "Reunion")

Interrogation chamber[]

The laboratories contained a specific chamber where prisoners were held in a yellow web wall where they were trapped. In this state, a Wraith Commander was given the chance to feed on the captive and return their life which slowly transforms them into a servant loyal to the Wraith hive.

Ronon Dex was left in one such chamber, he was tortured and given the Gift of Life which transformed him into a Wraith worshipper. (SGA: "Broken Ties")

Holding chamber[]

The larger domed shaped laboratories contained holding chambers where stunned humans or captured prisoners were placed. Similar to the holding chambers on the Hive ships and the Wraith cloning facility, these rooms contained a web shaped doorway that slid upwards to allow new prisoners entry or for them to leave it. Prisoners were usually left alone with Wraith warriors arriving to escort them across the laboratory.

Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and his team were placed in this chamber when they were first betrayed by the Satedan Tyre. They were freed by a rescue team led by Colonel Samantha Carter. (SGA: "Reunion")

Later, Tyre apparently betrayed Sheppard again sending him into a holding chamber on another outpost but this was a ploy in order to drop the Wraith's guard. (SGA: "Broken Ties")

Transporter chamber[]

A transporter inside a Wraith lab.

The transporter chamber were rooms which contained a Wraith transporter which transported personnel from one location to another area in the ship. Some of these chambers contained doorways with a locking mechanism preventing access to outsiders while others led to open parts of the facility.

Tyre led Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and his team around two Wraith laboratories through the use of the transporter chamber which they used to ambush Wraith warriors. (SGA: "Reunion", "Broken Ties")

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