The Wraith lab was a hidden laboratory located on an unnamed planet in the Pegasus galaxy. The lab was hidden behind a holographic wall through which only a person having Wraith DNA could walk.


The lab was used by a Wraith Scientist, who was trying to improve the efficiency of the feeding process. For this purpose he inserted Wraith DNA into Humans, which however gave them access to the telepathic network of the Wraith. When the other Wraith found out about this, they stopped these experiments and killed all humans on the planet, although some of them had already left the planet and became members of other human civilizations of the galaxy. The lab itself was left largely intact.

When Teyla Emmagan began to have strange nightmares about the Wraith, she was informed by the Athosian Charin about the story. This prompted the Major John Sheppard's team to visit this planet, were they found the lab. From it the team was able to retrieve a Wraith data storage device from a console to learn more about the experiments that had been conducted there. (SGA: "The Gift")

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