The Wraith gene therapy is a gene therapy developed by Doctor Jennifer Keller to remove the Wraith need to feed on humans and restore their ability to live off of normal food.

Overview[edit | edit source]

This gene therapy was designed by Doctor Jennifer Keller based on information from Michael's database on creating the Human-Wraith Hybrids. The intention of the gene therapy is to remove the Wraith need to feed on humans and to restore their body's ability to survive off of normal food. Based on almost 100 simulations done from full medical scans performed on the Wraith held in captivity by the Atlantis expedition, it was thought that the gene therapy would be successful. While creating the gene therapy, Keller attempted to incorporate the pure DNA of an Iratus bug which she hoped would help the Wraith keep their abilities but it failed.

While the gene therapy was successful when it was tried upon a hive ship full of Wraith, removing their feeding hands and activating their digestive systems, it also created a virulent cancer-like disease at the same time the gene therapy was weakening their immune systems, leaving all of the Wraith who took the gene therapy fatally ill. (SGA: "The Queen", "First Contact", "Infection")

History[edit | edit source]

After gaining access to Michael's database, the Wraith gene therapy was created by Doctor Jennifer Keller to remove the Wraith need to feed on humans and in doing so, hopefully end their threat to the peoples of the Pegasus Galaxy. Keller, accompanied by the First Atlantis Reconnaissance Team, brought this proposal before the Wraith Commander known to them as Todd. Todd eventually agreed to bring the proposal before the Primary, the leader of the Wraith alliance he is a part of, but instead uses the opportunity to kill the Primary and take her place as leader of the alliance. After solidifying his place with the help of Teyla Emmagan, Todd stated his intention to allow some time to pass before attempting the treatment which was reluctantly agreed upon. (SGA: "The Queen")

Eventually, Todd and the Atlantis expedition attempted the gene therapy, the Daedalus meeting with Todd, one of his hive ships and two Wraith cruisers for the attempt. While working with Keller, Todd admitted to seeing the potential for the gene therapy, but expressed his doubts about the rest of the Wraith accepting it. Their efforts are ended when the activation of the Attero Device causes Todd to believe that he has been betrayed and to hijack the Daedalus. (SGA: "First Contact")

Months later, Todd's hive ship arrives in orbit of Atlantis where a broken distress message reveals that Todd tried the gene therapy but something went wrong. Investigating the ship, the expedition finds the crew in stasis and learns from Todd's full message that he stole the formula for the gene therapy from the Daedalus before departing the ship. Todd successfully attempted the gene therapy on his crew, removing their feeding organs and restoring their ability to feed on normal food. However, the gene therapy eventually caused them to become sick and begin to die. Keller eventually determines that while the gene therapy worked as intended, at the same time as it weakened the Wraith immune systems, it created a virulent cancer-like disease that began killing them. Despite the best efforts of Keller, she is unable to find a cure for the disease which destroys the hive ship and kills the crew. However, Todd is sent to find an ancient Wraith cure for terminal illnesses by having an Iratus bug queen feed on him. (SGA: "Infection")

After being kicked off of the super-hive, Todd contacts the Atlantis expedition and reveals that having an Iratus bug queen feed on him has cured him of the disease. It has also reversed the effects of the gene therapy and restored Todd's normal Wraith physiology. (SGA: "Enemy at the Gate")

While negotiating with Todd for help in finding Doctor Rodney McKay on PX5-442, Keller reminds Todd of the gene therapy while trying to come up with something he can use in exchange for his help. Todd, who is bitter about the deadly effects of the gene therapy, reminds her that it didn't work, but Keller suggests that they can possibly perfect the gene therapy together. (Stargate Atlantis: The Lost)

Building on her prior research, Doctor Keller was eventually able to devise a new retrovirus that allowed humans to survive being fed on by the Wraith, using herself as the first test subject. Her initial attempt to let Todd feed on her failed (Stargate Atlantis: The Furies), but she soon perfected the retrovirus, allowing Doctor McKay- who had been turned into a Wraith by Queen Death- to feed on her without Keller being harmed (Stargate Atlantis: Secrets). As part of a final treaty with the Wraith, Atlantis began mass distribution of the new retrovirus to those willing to accept the treatment, with many of the Atlantis expedition agreeing to the treatment, allowing the Wraith Ember to feed on Doctor Radek Zelenka and a female private without killing them.

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