The Wraith communication device was a type of communication technology that was used by the Wraith.


This machine was a combination of Wraith technology and that of local resources. Thus, it consisted of organic elements along with more conventional components which were scavenged. The transmitter was so powerful that it was capable of sending a message to another galaxy and encoding the data in Wraith code. However, this power meant that the communication device required to be patched into a powerful energy grid in order to send the message.

The Ancients also had a more portable Long-range communication device allowing them to contact people in other galaxies.


In an alternate reality, a Wraith Hive Ship was destroyed over Earth with a single Wraith pilot surviving in his Wraith Dart. This Wraith scavenged parts of his ship and adapted elements of Human technology which was patched into the local power grid in order to power an intergalactic communicator which would alert the Wraith Hives in the Pegasus galaxy of Earth's coordinates. The pilots position and communicator were destroyed in an airstrike which prevented the coordinates from being sent to the Pegasus galaxy but the sheer power of the transmission managed to penetrate a rift in reality sending the communication to every other reality instead. (SGA: "Vegas", "Enemy at the Gate")

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