"You were rendered unconscious by a Wraith stun device."

A Wraith bomb is a type of Wraith stunner.


The bomb is a blue, organic, orb-like device the size of a Human chest and used by the Wraith. The device has a yellow centre and is carried when inactive. It is used as an area stun weapon and, once activated, is rolled into a location while a blue energy field encases the device. After stopping, the bomb fires a blue energy wave at its location that utilizes the same energy as other Wraith stunners to incapacitate any living being within a large radius of the device. This allows the Wraith to stun the personnel of an entire facility since the stunning wave even passes through walls or other such obstructions. However, force fields and shields will probably provide greater protection against the wave. Afterwards, the Wraith are able to enter into and take over enemy territory secure in the knowledge that they will face no resistance. Its bluish energy field is remarkably similar to the Puddle Jumper's Stun bubble; this is not surprising as that was a Wraith modification.


In 2008, a Wraith strike force discovered the location of the Midway space station which they took over and used as a platform to reach Stargate Command. To ease their takeover of the base they deployed a bomb through the gate, which stunned the entire personal of the SGC. This allowed a small army of Wraith to enter the base and feed on several people. However, the device has one flaw; Teal'c said that the discharge of the device had most likely triggered a lockdown of the SGC, so the Wraith couldn't escape to the surface. (SGA: "Midway")


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