A Wraith biometric receiver was a device created by the Wraith.



Doctor Rodney McKay discovering the receiver.

The biometric receiver was designed to hack into Lantean stasis pods, allowing a single Wraith to assume the identity, as well as the memories, of the previous occupant by gaining entry into an Ancient virtual reality environment. The device was organic in appearance and attached near the pod itself, which tapped into the central processor that regulates the units.


A higher ranking Wraith caste male managed to gain entry to the Ancient spaceship Aurora, where it extracted the first officer of the vessel and killed her. After which, the Wraith assumed her identity and memories in the ship's virtual reality environment. Through this, the Wraith was able to use command codes to erase all the data that was gathered on a key weakness in Wraith technology, thus eliminating this threat to them.

Doctor Rodney McKay later determined that the Wraith had tapped into the virtual reality's feedback and was capable of manipulating it to a certain extent. (SGA: "Aurora")

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