This individual has no known canonical name.  While the information presented is canonical, the individual described lacks an official name, thus the title is conjecture.

Wraith Queen (The Hive) was the leader of a Wraith Hive ship that was decimating every planet in its path.



When Aiden Ford and his coalition learned what it was doing, they kidnapped Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team to force them to help them repair a Wraith Dart they intended to use to destroy the ship, but the mission quickly went bad. Sheppard was brought before the Queen, who began to interrogate him. Almost as quickly as it started, however, she ended the interrogation, as a rival Hive ship emerged, intent on culling a world her hive was heading to, Edowin.

To speed up the interrogation, the Queen had Neera, one of her worshippers, get in a cocoon so that Sheppard would try to rescue her. Sheppard did rescue her, but quickly realized what was going on. Brought back before her, Sheppard then claimed that he was also a worshipper, sent by the Queen of the rival Hive to assassinate her. The Queen believed that Sheppard was lying, and said that she would speak to the other about this, but Sheppard pointed out that it was the only logical explanation, and that the other queen would never admit to attempting to assassinate her.

Furious with him, she prepared to feed on Sheppard, vowing to savor his defiance. However, Ford was able to shoot her with Ronon Dex's Particle magnum, killing her. (SGA: "The Lost Boys", "The Hive")

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