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The Wraith Needle Chamber is a device developed on planet Vohl in an Experimental laboratory by the Wraith, for the purpose of giving the Wraith new ways to prepare and consume the life force of other beings.


The inside of the device's chamber is lined with a hundred needles that inject an adrenaline compound into the food source subject. Their metabolic rate increases dramatically, burning it out until it dies. The life energy released from this process is considered especially tangy and poignantly spiced to the Wraith palate. (SGA: "Wraithfall 2")


In 2004, the Needle Chamber was used on a Karran Honored One. By the time Lieutenant Aiden Ford and Teyla Emmagan arrived at the Wraith's experimental laboratory to rescue Major John Sheppard, the woman who was in the chamber was already gone. (SGA: "Wraithfall 2", "Wraithfall 3")


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