This individual has no known canonical name.  While the information presented is canonical, the individual described lacks an official name, thus the title is conjecture.

"I make it a practice to trust no one I do not know."
―Wraith Commander to Todd and his Hive queen.[src]

The Wraith Commander was a high ranking male Wraith.



This Wraith was the commander of a Hive ship within Todd's alliance and led the vessel that was the flagship of the Primary. He received a message from Todd that his "queen" was going to meet the primary and waited for them to board the ship. Once this was done, he commanded the hive to enter into hyperspace while talks continued despite this not being part of the normal agreement. However, the commander noted that he trusted very few people and that it was standard practice. He led the visitors to the primary's Hive queen chamber after which he departed.

He was alarmed when he returned to the room after hearing the queen's distress signal only to find her dead and Todd's queen with a knife that killed her. Angered, the commander was willing to kill Todd's queen stating that she was not his queen but relented when she asserted her dominance. He then became a reluctant lieutenant to her and commanded the ship of the new queen's flagship. The commander reported to the queen that another Hive had trespassed on one of their feeding grounds and took the computer tablet for the queen to read. However, Todd angrily asked if the commander expected her to read it and the commander explained the message to her.

While the queen seemed reluctant to leave her post, she relented and took the ship to hyperspace to the planet. She then ordered to fire on the rival hive ship, surprising the commander. He, however, accepted her orders and attacked though he was skeptical of her plan especially after she ordered the Wraith Darts to be launched. It seemed that they were about to lose the battle but the enemy Hive was suddenly destroyed by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's Puddle Jumper, which shocked the commander.

Later, the commander's hive ship was infiltrated by Sheppard's team. While killing several Wraith warriors, the reinforcements managed to stun the Humans and left them in a prison cell. The queen demanded to speak to them alone but the Wraith commander was secretly waiting in the shadows and learned that she was an ally of them. He then waited in her throne room where he ambushed her and attempted to kill her. Taking his sword out, he tried to slay her and even though she stabbed a knife into his side, the commander proved to be the victor of the short battle. However, he was suddenly hit by a Wraith handblaster shot from Todd. Stunned, he fell to the floor while Todd approached and killed him by snapping his neck. Todd then stated that she would have no more trouble from him. (SGA: "The Queen")

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