This individual has no known canonical name.  While the information presented is canonical, the individual described lacks an official name, thus the title is conjecture.

"No retreat in the face of battle. No sympathy for the fallen. No mercy for our enemies."
―Wraith Commander, later repeated by Ronon[src]

This Wraith Commander was in charge of a Wraith Lab for his faction during the Wraith civil war.

He was contacted by Tyre when the Satedan Wraith worshipper had captured Ronon Dex. Tyre had hoped that Ronon's capture would return him into the ranks of the Wraith worshippers so that he could receive the Gift of Life, which he had been addicted to. After an initial interrogation by the commander, he decided to return to his base. When Tyre asked for his reward, the commander knocked him into the wall and left him for dead.

After returning to his base, this Wraith commander began using the addictive nature of the Wraith enzyme to break Ronon's spirit and brainwash him into being a Wraith worshipper. He was successful in this regard after numerous sessions in which he took Ronon's life and returned it turning him into a loyal servant of the Wraith. With his new worshipper, they waited in ambush for the Atlantis expedition to free their comrade. Tyre had accompanied the Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team and during the ambush, betrayed his new allies to the Wraith in return for becoming a Wraith worshipper again, which pleased the commander.

The Wraith commander decided that once he had extracted all the useful information he could from the Humans, he would kill them as they would serve no other purpose. However, the counsel of Ronon and Tyre made him change his mind and he asked for Sheppard to be brought to him so that he could break him as he did with Ronon. The commander expressed joy at breaking one so defiant. With his feeding hand outstretched, Tyre struck at the commander with his sword and cut off the arm.

Wounded but alive, the commander stated that his life was a small price to pay for the destruction of the Human invaders. However, Tyre informed him that C-4 had been placed at the power relay station in the base which would destroy it and its research, thus depriving his faction of critical data. Rather than risk the loss of data, the commander agreed to let the humans go and commanded his warriors to stand down. Tyre stayed behind with the explosives to ensure that the Atlantis Expedition got away with the unconscious Ronon. The commander attempted to sway Tyre into joining the ranks of the Wraith worshippers once more but Tyre stated that it was too late for both him and the commander. He pressed the detonator killing himself and the commander and the base was destroyed. (SGA: "Broken Ties")

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