"We are part of the same alliance -- unless you do not trust us."

A Wraith alliance is an alliance of Wraith Hive ships. With the shortage of Humans in the Pegasus galaxy and the failed attempt at finding Earth, many Wraith formed smaller alliances of several Hive ships to take control of Human worlds and attack the weaker Wraith.

Todd's allianceEdit

"Among all the Queens in the alliance, one sits above the rest. We call her the Primary."
Todd's Wraith alliance was organized under the rule of its former Primary, although this control wasn't always autonomous with other Wraith Queens—and Wraith leaders—taking advantages whenever possible. FInally, the Primary was murdered by Todd, and the Alliance was then under the control of Teyla Emmagan (in the guise of a Wraith queen through plastic surgery), who gave control in her absence to Todd. The Wraith underling, one of Todd's commanders, mutinied against him and took control of the Super-hive. That ship was destroyed by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard in the Battle of the Super-hive and the Wraith underling was killed in the same battle as well. (SGA: "The Queen", "Enemy at the Gate")

After the destruction of the super-hive and the disappearance of Todd, his alliance shattered. By the time he returned around six months later, only Just Fortune was still loyal to him with the rest of the alliance having fallen to Queen Death. According to Bonewhite, once Todd was gone, a divergence in policy amongst the Commanders caused Iron and Farseer to go their separate ways before Queen Death attacked with three hive ships and defeated Bloodrose and Wind's ships, forcing them to swear alliegence to her. Eventually all that was left of the alliance was the Just Fortune and a single Wraith cruiser but the Just Fortune had lost contact with the cruiser by the time Todd returned. The Just Fortune later joined Queen Death's alliance, but only so that Todd could work against Queen Death from the inside. With the help of Teyla as Queen Steelflower, Todd managed to rebuild a smaller alliance of ships to contend with Queen Death. Todd's alliance took part in the Second Battle of Atlantis, fighting alongside the George Hammond, the Pride of the Genii and Atlantis itself to defend Atlantis from Queen Death's fleet. After Teyla kills Queen Death, Death's shattered forces surrender to Queen Alabaster and Todd's alliance. (SGA: "Legacy: Homecoming", "Inheritors")

Known membersEdit

Death's allianceEdit

After Atlantis left the Pegasus Galaxy, a new Wraith Queen, described as "a Queen of Queens" appeared calling herself Queen Death. Within six months, Death's alliance had many of the hive ships under her command, including those of Todd's alliance. According to Bonewhite, by the time Queen Death attacked Todd's alliance, she already had three hive ships under her command. Death's massive alliance began targeting any world she chose, culling what they could and destroying the rest. Queen Death also declared that all former alliances were null and void and anyone who didn't fall under her command would be destroyed. Death's alliance was defeated in the Second Battle of Atlantis and disbanded with the death of Queen Death. The surviving members of her shattered fleet surrendered to Queen Alabaster. (SGA: "Legacy: Homecoming", "Inheritors")

Known membersEdit

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