Worrel was a minor member of the Lucian Alliance, serving directly under Netan.



Worrel was responsible for the crop of Kassa on P6G-452. After Stargate Command learned of kassa and the threat it posed, SG-1 was sent to learn more. Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell, posing as a drug dealer with significant demands, subsequently approached Worrel. However, Worell was suspicious that a buyer with his requirements would approach the Alliance on such a low echelon, and attempted to capture "Mr. Shaft", Mitchell's alias. SG-1 attempted to escape, but were left stranded on P6G-452 when Ba'al stole the planet's Stargate.

Worrell imprisoned SG-1, whom he held personally responsible for the Stargate's disappearance despite SG-1 constantly insisting that they'd had nothing to do with the Stargate's disappearance. He tortured them for almost two days and prepared to kill his hostages, although they were beamed away in time by the Odyssey. Later, he met with his superior, Netan, who ordered him to find the real Stargate thief or face the consequences. Worrel eventually discovered the location of Ba'al, the real culprit. Netan, with Worrel at his side, subsequently destroyed Ba'al's Ha'tak in retribution. (SG1: "Off the Grid")

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