While having Laura Cadman's consciousness inside him, Rodney McKay gulps down a glass.

"Wait, McKay. McKay. Stop drinking the wine. You're gonna get drunk. Actually, wait, yes! You need that to loosen up a bit. Finish it off! Good boy!"
Laura Cadman's voice in Rodney McKay's mind, who gulps down a glass[src]

Wine is an alcoholic drink (mostly made of fermented grape juice) on Earth. On Earth, the wine comes in two main colors; red or white. If a human drinks a lot of wine, he or she could get intoxicated.

The Athosians have their own wine, called Ruus wine. (SGA: "Duet", "Missing") In 2005, Dr. Rodney McKay and Dr. Katie Brown had white wine during their first date, where McKay gulped his down, because of handling the stresses of having Lt. Laura Cadman's consciousness inside him. Also, during a dream Lt. Colonel John Sheppard had in which he rescued Teyla Emmagan in 2008, they had red wine. Richard Woolsey also has a wine rack with several bottle of wine in his quarters. (SGA: "Duet", "Search and Rescue", "Remnants")

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