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[[Category:One-shot Atlantis characters]]
[[Category:One-shot Atlantis characters]]
[[Category:United States Air Force personnel]]
[[Category:United States Air Force personnel]]
[[Category:Deceased characters]]

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Williams is a Lieutenant in the United States Air Force and a member of the Atlantis expedition. He accompanied Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team to the abandoned Wraith Hive ship. While inside, he heard a noise and went to investigate. He found that part of the wall was melting away, revealing a hidden corridor behind it. He radioed Major Evan Lorne and investigated the corridor, and was killed when an un-masked Wraith warrior suddenly reached out of the opening and grabbed him. His body was later found with his flesh eaten away which hinted that the Wraith warriors had begun using their teeth to devour their food as they were unable to drain any life energy from their victims by using their hands. (SGA: "Infection")

Behind the scenes

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