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William Jefferson Clinton was the President of the United States who gave the official order to create Stargate Command on September 30, 1997. His signature, along with that of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force, was required to create and maintain the facility under the name of Stargate Command and class it as a top-secret facility whose primary purpose was, at the time, examining and exploiting the Stargate for the purposes of national security. To this end, he authorized the personnel of Stargate Command to explore alien planets, examine the native cultures and defend humanity across the universe. The three signatures also authorized General George S. Hammond to be in command of the facility located in a former NORAD space at Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado. (SG1: "The Stargate SG-1 Adventure Game")

Clinton was later replaced by Henry Hayes who took office in 2004. (SG1: "Inauguration")

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