Willa was a native of her home world, Lucius' planet, and one of six of Lucius Lavin's ex-wives.


Background informationEdit

Lucius and Willa

Lucius Lavin and Willa.

She was affiliated with Lucius Lavin, a local baker. Willa initially turned down Lucius' advances, having "refused to share his bed more than once". When Lucius discovered a herb from M6H-491, he laced it into his bread, and the herb causes an effect to the consumers' brains; as a result his people started to accept him more. When Lucius refined the herb to liquid form, disguised as his daily medicine, Willa started loving him and eventually she became one of Lucius' six wives (the marriages were polygamous), as was Heleen. (SGA: "Irresistible")


Lucius's people

Willa and Heleen, sickened from withdrawal of Lucius' herb.

In 2006, the Atlantis expedition arrived on her planet and encountered Lucius. After he convinced the team to let him come to Atlantis, Willa and her people started to feel the effects of going without the herb; she and her people became sick. This becomes apparent after Lt. Colonel John Sheppard returned to the village solo days later, after the people of the expedition start to exhibit the same behavior towards Lucius as his people did before he left (Sheppard was not exposed due to him having the common cold). Eventually, Lucius' tactics were discovered, and Dr. Carson Beckett engineered a serum that neutralizes the effect of the herb. After Willa learned the truth, she divorced him. (SGA: "Irresistible", "Irresponsible")

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