Dr. Wilhelm Brücke is a Aryan scientist specializing in antiquities in the German Third Reich, and is the Chief Occultist of Führer Adolf Hitler. He is exceedingly brilliant but arrogant, even for a Nazi, as he believes himself to be the peak of human development.


Due to his vanity, Brücke's greatest shame lies in the large scar on the side of his face; a scar whose origin he refuses to reveal and one that has resulted in great speculation among his subordinates. But ever since Brücke executed one loose-lipped lieutenant who asked about the injury after having a few too many steins of beer, Brücke's men have been considerably less interested in finding out what happened to their boss's face.

Brücke commands a division of the Ahnenerbe Project; the Nazi effort to uncover evidence in the ancient world that the Aryan race are superior. Over time, Brücke has become less interested in that mission and more invested in his own pet project. After coming across a mysterious artifact in a Berlin vault that had been unearthed in Egypt decades earlier, Brücke became convinced that aliens — not Aryans — were responsible for the technologically-puzzling artifact. His curiosity became an obsession, as he has since traveled the globe on the German Reich's dime in search of related artifacts... under the guise that he was still doing so in service to the Nazi cause.[1]

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