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"Who Are You?" is the ninth episode of Stargate Infinity.

Publishers Summary[]

When the team lands on a planet of shape-shifters, they must rely on their knowledge about each other's personality in order to know their real teammates from the alien shape-shifters who mean them harm.


The team arrives on a peaceful planet that Stacey considers "incredible." Indicating a tree, Draga says she detects a presence, so Bonner tells Harrison to scout the area. Harrison sarcastically suggests that someone really thin could be hiding behind the tree. Bonner tells Harrison that Draga is probably just feeling an aftereffect of going through the Stargate, but points out that they've never visited this world before.

As soon as the team leaves the tree that Draga said was "possessed" transforms into a Sheftu. On their way to find a suitable area for a base camp, Stacy and Harrison argue. Harrison says he thinks he'd look good with a tattoo, but Stacy objects, saying "it would tell people you’re somebody's coloring book." Harrison suggests that the major has one, but Bonner puts the argument to the end.

Harrison says he'll go scout the area and asks how bad it can be that the planet seems like paradise. Bonner replies that things aren't always what they seem. The rest of the team sets up base camp while Harrison chases an attractive native mammal. The squirrel-like female creature loses Harrison and reveals that she is a Sheftu by transforming to a shrub. Harrison catches up, but finds the creature is no where to be seen. He peers over a cliff and finds a village, by a Mayan-like pyramid.

Back at base camp, the team waits for Harrison's return. Seattle volunteers to search, but Bonner snaps back by questioning who to send when she does not come back. Harrison comes back, acting strangely. Stacy says its too good to be true. Bonner asks Harrison if he'll continue to disagree with them and Harrison says no. Stacy looks more puzzled than before. Harrison finally says that he thinks that he saw a Tlak'kahn-controlled village and that they have a human prisoner. Ec'co replies saying they must rescue the prisoner.


Tlak'kahn, Sheftu, Draga, R.J. Harrison, Gus Bonner, Stacey Bonner, Ec'co, Human, Pyramid, Stargate

Notable Quotes[]

Seattle: (to Stacey) Wouldn't come. She's acting really strange. Exercising like crazy, being bossy and sarcastic.
Gus: So what's the strange part?

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