White Rock Research Station is a research station in Antarctica.


After discovering the Stargate in Antarctica, a research team was set up to determine the impact of this information against current knowledge of the Ancients and the gate network. This team only found the remains of two Jaffa, and for roughly five years were relatively unsuccessful in discovering anything that related to the theories which had been formulated.

Almost ready to pack up and return to the United States, the research team discovered the preserved body of what was later to be recognized as a frozen being of the first Ancient race, Ayiana, or so it was believed.

White Rock Research Station 1

The entry of the station

A team from Stargate Command, including Dr. Janet Fraiser, Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Jonas Quinn and Teal'c, were sent there to provide assistance. (SG1: "Frozen")


White Rock is a city in British Columbia, near the border with Washington State.

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