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"Yes, I play the underling for now, but an important one in the role of Master of War, not a mere puppet. But I must bid my time to consolidate more forces to overthrow Anubis."

Wepwawet is a Goa'uld System Lord. He is also Anubis' Master of War. His First Prime is J'ta. His loyal Jaffa are the Wolf Guard.


Background information[]

On Earth, temples were found that depicted Wepwawet as a war god who battled with the pharaohs. He is also known as the "Opener of Ways" and was long rumored to be associated with Anubis and other gods of death and war.[1]

Every couple decades, Wepwawet would war with his neighbors which Ra would then send other System Lords to him to chastise him. After Ra's death, he made advances into other territories. Since then, his domain may have been absorbed by Anubis.[1]

In Anubis' campaign against the System Lords, Wepwawet became Anubis' Master of War and was given upgrades from him[1] and Thoth[3] which bolstered his forces. Due to his campaigns, the System Lords Abombwe, Kushu, and Nut were killed, and several other System Lords and Underlords served under Anubis' banner. Also, with the addition of Anubis' warriors, Wepwawet repeatedly defeated the forces of Yu and Cronus.[1]

Wepwawet had two consorts; Ephadria, who ruled by his side on Verapyr, and Zirstyr. Wepwawet conquered her domain and she only agreed to marry him to preserve her status in System Lord society.[1] (RPG: "Core Rulebook")


Wepwawet Symbol

Wepwawet's symbol that depicts a gauntleted wolf standing on a snake.[2]

At some point, Wepwawet's forces ransacked a base camp on P1X-774. In August 2002, his symbol was located there and brought to Phoenix Site's attention. A Tok'ra agent named Karrasha had intel on him and Major General P.K. Loyer sent a team to hear what information Karrasha had. (RPG: "Groundbreaking")

Anubis contacted Wepwawet in regard to an artifact that he discovered and was going to send to him for study. While on P3X-582, Karrasha and the team were ambushed and captured by J'ta, who brought them before him to a base camp he had on the planet. Wepwawet started to interrogate Maste and Bythal with a Kara kesh but was interrupted by a Jaffa who presented him with the artifact from Anubis. He had the team sent away to be locked up and Karrasha tortured. Shortly after, he had a discussion with a Zirstyr about how he was being used by Anubis. He knew he was an underling but had to bide his time and consolidate more forces to overthrow Anubis and would take measure of the Tau'ri to see what they knew and how they vexed Anubis.[4] (RPG: "Groundbreaking")

Wepwawet commandeered most of Nephthys' forces. (RPG: "Field of Reeds")


Wepwawet campaigned to destroy the Phoenix Alliance that stood in his way of ruling the galaxy.[5] His Death Gliders attacked an Asgard science vessel during a delegation with Phoenix-9 who were going to ask for aid against him. He sent Jaffa and a modified ship to P2X-649 where the Asgard vessel was downed[6] but was unable to recover the ship from the Phoenix Alliance's forces.[7] His forces also attacked off-world Phoenix allies such as the Lasin and Jaffa. At least three of his Ha'taks headed towards Phoenix planet's sector. He had an incursion on Phoenix Site with his Jaffa able to get through the Site's stargate.[5] (RPG: "Ave Maria", "Perfidy", "United")


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