Washington is a Marine Private First Class assigned to the Atlantis expedition following the city's return to the Pegasus Galaxy.


During the Raid on Atlantis, Washington is part of a security team on the mess hall level. With no non-coms or officers around, Washington is forced to take command of the group of young Marines who have never faced the Wraith before. When Ronon Dex arrives via an Atlantis transporter, he takes command from Washington who warns him that the security doors on that level aren't closing properly and there's still access to the two nearby stairwells. With the Wraith coming and no one knowing how to properly close the doors, Ronon informs Washington and his men that they have to stop the Wraith then. As the Wraith start coming down the stairs, Ronon and the Marine team open fire on the Wraith, killing several but more and more keep coming. After Ronon saves a Marine from getting fed on, Washington yells to him that they have to fall back as there are too many coming. Ronon has the team fall back to the infirmary level below them and calls for help to deal with what appears to be a hundred Wraith coming down the stairs. On the next level, Washington and the Marines do a better job of positioning themselves on either side of the stairway and as Washington yells at Ronon for instructions, Ronon orders him to just keep firing. Ronon's team, who were facing a diversionary attack so that the Wraith could steal the city's ZPM, ultimately emerge victorious, but it is unknown if Washington survived or was one of the ten people who were killed in the raid. (SGA: "Allegiance")

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