The Wand of Horus was a staff gifted to Kasuf's people by their goddess Aset.

Overview Edit

This device is similar to a Sarcophagus in that it can heal bodily injuries, emitting a bluish glow during usage. When placed over damaged tissue while its user chants an incantation, blood flows back from the wound and the skin repairs itself, with the end result looking good as new. It is uncertain if it can be used to resurrect people killed via headshots, as circumstances prevented further demonstrations.

History Edit

The Wand was used by the Abydonians of 1938 to heal a critically wounded Wasif, who was accidentally stabbed in the abdomen.

Later during a deathmatch presided over by Aset and Wilhelm Brücke and fought by their representatives, the Abydonians beseeched their goddess to allow the staff to be used for their fallen combatant. Aset, instead, refused and broke the Wand over her knee. (SGO)

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