Wakeful is a Wraith Commander in the service of Queen Death.


During the Raid on Atlantis, Wakeful is assigned alongside Ardent to command the Wraith warriors accompanying Quicksilver, in reality a transformed Doctor Rodney McKay and Ember to steal the city's ZPM. Unlike Ardent who didn't like Quicksilver due to his former humanity, Wakeful was more cooperative with his instructions, signaling Ardent to follow Quicksilver's order to go through the Atlantis transporter to make sure the coast is clear and then relaying back Ardent's response. While McKay and Ember steal the ZPM, Wakeful and Ardent lead the warriors in guarding the hallway leading to the ZPM Hub and Wakeful warns Quicksilver to hurry as some of the humans escaped and they have received news that the humans are regrouping. After Quicksilver steals the ZPM, the Wraith make their escape through the transporters and come into conflict with a security team led by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard. Wakeful is killed by the security team while Ardent escapes with Quicksilver and Ember in a stolen Puddle Jumper. (SGA: "Allegiance")

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