Wait for it is twenty-fourth webisode in the series of 30 Kino webisodes


Adam Brody trying to play prank on Hunter Riley


Adam Brody wants to play prank on Hunter Riley as a revenge for Riley's messing with console Brody worked on to make it look like Brody accidentally triggered self-destruct. He reveals to Eli that he added extract from alien plant to shower that Hunter Riley is going to use to play prank on him. For his surprise, Riley used shower and nothing he expected happen.

Annoyed he went to check his showers and activated it. As a result shower sprayed on him blue colored juice of plant, just as he planned it to do to Riley. Later, in mess hall Eli revealed that he and Riley actually montaged kino records to play prank on Brody. Last shot pictures extremely angry Adam Brody with purple face.

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