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"Wait for it" is the twenty-fourth webisode in the series of 34 Kino webisodes.


Dr. Adam Brody attempts to take revenge on Sgt. Hunter Riley by playing a prank on him.


In revenge for Sgt. Hunter Riley rigging his console to make it appear as if the self-destruct was triggered, Dr. Adam Brody has set up the shower to spray a purple dye, extracted from the Alien sweet potato, when Riley uses it. However, when Riley uses the shower, nothing happens. Frustrated, Brody waits for Riley to leave and then examines the shower, which fails to activate when he triggers it from the outside. When he walks inside for a closer look, he is sprayed with the dye. He angrily accuses Eli Wallace of having warned Riley and storms off. Both Riley and Eli have a laugh at his expense.

Later, in the Destiny mess hall, Eli reveals that he and Riley recorded Riley using a different shower beforehand, then Eli rigged the feed to make it appear like a live broadcast. Brody comes in, his face purple, and quickly leaves after getting some food. Lt. Matthew Scott asks what Eli and Riley did, and they state that they turned him purple before breaking down in laughter.


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