"System Lord Vu was obsessed with it. We think it’s why the Lucian Alliance want to take our world."
Dr. Szu[src]

Vu was a Goa'uld System Lord that searched for the secrets of the ninth chevron and the Destiny.


Vu ruled over the Xi'an people on the planet Xi'an and the colony world of Haidon.

For thousands of years, Vu obsessively searched for the secret of the ninth chevron and the Destiny. Vu learned that the ninth chevron would send people farther through the stargate than ever before, as well as the high power requirements needed to make it happen. Vu also learned of the name Destiny.

Over the years of searching, Vu amassed a treasure trove of Ancient technology, including a Control interface hub and an Ancient Hologram. (SGU: "Icarus 1")

At some point, the Xi'an people had became liberated from System Lord Vu's reign and retained Vu's research. This made them a target of the Lucian Alliance. Vu's research, however, also became an interest to Stargate Command, who tried to aid the natives in defending Xi'an but failed. (SGU: "Icarus 1")

Nevertheless, the Tau'ri manage to get information from studying Vu's work prior to escaping the planet. This occurred shortly before the Icarus project. Which would begin the journey of the Destiny expedition. (SGU: "Icarus 1")

Personality and traits

"Just like Lord Vu. Secrets within secrets."
Dr. Szu[src]

Besides having an obsessed behavior with the Destiny and the ninth chevron, Vu was also secretive, as noted by Dr. Szu comments. This is also apparent in Vu's hidden treasury. Hiding knowledge away, in places already hidden.

Vu knew Chinese and was also fluent in the Ancient language, (as apparent due to all of Vu's notes being written in Ancient and other things in Chinese). (SGU: "Icarus 1")

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