"Mayday, mayday we are so going in."
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Vorash was a planet the Tok'ra established a base on. It was the only planet with a breathable atmosphere in the system, and Vorash itself was a desert world.


When SG-1 acquired a Ha'tak after they killed Cronus, they planned to move the Tok'ra to a world without a Stargate, intending to take the Vorash Stargate with them. Tanith, however, sent a message to Apophis, who brought his fleet to attack the planet with Apophis' men later ambushing Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c of Chulak. The resulting ambush left Jack wounded and two Serpent Guards dead with Teal'c the main fatality, having died instantly after being shot in the back with a staff weapon blast. Tanith later captured Teal'c and brought him before Apophis as a "gift" with Apophis later successfully reviving Teal'c and brainwashing him into believing that he had always served Apophis and that he had operated as a double agent within the Tau'ri ranks for the last four years.

Vorash 1

The surface of Vorash.

While this was ongoing, Jacob Carter and Major Samantha Carter decided on a different course of action: after dialing P3W-451, they launched the Stargate into Vorash' sun, causing it to lose some of its hydrogen and go supernova. The plan worked and Apophis' fleet as well as the planet was destroyed; however the Tau'ri ha'tak and Apophis' mothership were sent to another galaxy due to the force of the shockwave. (SG1: "Exodus")

Nearly three years later, the stellar matter from Vorash' sun still hadn't arrived on P3W-451 due to time dilation. This allowed SG-1 to rescue SG-10, but not before the wormhole from Vorash finally opened and the matter incinerated Lt. Jonathan Reed. (SG1: "The Cost of Honor")


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Stargate SG-1: The DVD Collection issue 11 gives a completely different address for this planet (0310Abydosg0370Ega005024) which contains the point of origins for both Earth and Abydos. This was later fixed, however, as Stargate SG-1: The Ultimate Visual Guide gives the current address.

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