Volians are a scattering of a few thousand people who farm on their planet, Volia, for themselves and the Aschen Confederation. Originally the Volians were a peaceful and productive urban society of millions who had reached Earth's early twentieth century in the way of their own industrial revolution. Their written language was similar to an ancient Celtic text that Dr. Daniel Jackson once found in Wales. About 200 years ago, they were struck with their equivalent of the influenza pandemic. Then the Aschen arrived by ships, offered a vaccine and invited them into their confederation.


The last edition of the Volians' newspaper.

The Volians were immensely grateful to these heroes and a friendship began that lasted many years. During that time, Volia's Stargate was discovered. An unspecified Aschen drug, administered to the entire population (perhaps the flu vaccine, but just as likely another drug such as the life-extending vaccine they game to Earth in another timeline), caused the majority of the population to become sterile. When the Volians realized what the Aschen had done to them, the civilization began to riot but was abruptly silenced. The Aschen covered the urban areas in soil for farming and made certain no Volian remembered the truth about his or her people's history.

Today the people are entirely ignorant of the malice the Aschen had treated toward the Volian people, or that they even had cities of their own; metal Volian structures found in the fields is called "iron root", stubborn obstacles to farming. Some Volians are even raised by Aschen families. (SG1: "2001")

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