Vest insert

A Vest insert

The Vest insert was invented by Dr. Bill Lee of Stargate Command. It is a flexible plastic-like substance that could be fitted into the Tactical vests worn by SG teams that could prevent death after being hit by a Goa'uld Staff weapon. Lee explained that the substance had to be strong enough to withstand not only the impact of the blast but also the intense heat caused by the blast. These inserts later replaced the "Ballistic inserts" used in SGC vests with one even saving the life of Colonel Jack O'Neill when he was struck by a staff weapon blast while he, his team, SG-1 and SG-5 as well as SG-7 were engaging in a vicious fight against Jaffa troops, the SGC teams having been deployed to rescue SG-13. (SG1: "Heroes, Part 1", "Heroes, Part 2")

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