Varelon was a Genii spy disguised as a Wraith worshipper.


In 2005, the Genii managed to place Varelon as a spy amongst the Wraith in the disguise of a Wraith worshipper. Varelon's mission was considered so secret that only Ladon Radim and his most trusted lieutenants even knew Varelon existed. Varelon ended up as a worshipper in the house of Terror, the commander of a Wraith cruiser that eventually fell into the service of Queen Death. Due to how long he was hidden as a Wraith worshipper, Varelon adopted some of the habits of one as well as a Wraith enzyme addiction due to receiving the Gift of Life many times.

In 2009, Queen Death began rallying her forces for an all-out attack on Atlantis. Alarmed at the news and recognizing the severity of the threat, Varelon abandoned his position and stole a Wraith Dart to report in person to Ladon. Varelon eventually made his way to a Genii base on Taadin where he demanded to see Ladon. Despite going into Wraith enzyme withdrawal, Varelon managed to pass on the news and agreed to accompany Ladon to Atlantis to report on the threat directly despite the severity of his withdrawal. There, while Ladon argued with the Wraith Commander Guide over the legitimacy of Varelon's information, Queen Alabaster proposed a solution that everyone reluctantly accepted: she would give Varelon the Gift of Life and ease his symptoms while using the opportunity to determine if Varelon was telling the truth. Alabaster is able to bring an end to Varelon's withdrawal symptoms and determine that he was in fact telling the truth about the threat facing Atlantis. (SGA: "Inheritors")


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