Vaitiare Bandera (recently best known as Vaitiare Hirshon) is an actress. She has a daughter (Tatiana Shanks) with Michael Shanks. Vaitiaré is a Tahitian name meaning "Water Flower". In Tahitian it's pronounced like "Vay-t-awe-rey" (roll the "r" like in Latin), in English - like "Vi-tee-awe-ray".  She is of Tahitian, Cook Island, German, English and French descent. Her mother is related to the Royal House of Makea Karika in the Cook Islands.

Vaitiare was born in Tahiti and raised throughout the United States since the age of 8. She currently lives in California with her two children and husband.

She originally auditioned for the role of Sha're in Stargate, the 1994 film, but ultimately lost to Mili Avital. She was offered the role in the following television series Stargate SG-1 after auditioning again for the same part.


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