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I was wondering if anyone had strong feelings or innovative ideas for the direction of the wiki now, given that it's three years ago today that Brad Wright announced they were giving up on the idea of an SGU movie, effectively bringing a decade and a half of continuous production to an end.

One option, it would seem to me, would be to permit the creation of episode gallery pages. Another might be some form of 'balloon debate' for favorite characters. A third to allow or even encourage some form of clearly labelled speculation or fanfic. These are merely suggestions, to get the ball rolling.

I just feel that, with over 10,000 pages already, it's a shame if such a resource wallows purely in its dwindling past. Perhaps those with adequate knowledge could give us some kind of comparative outline as to the true and current state of the U.S. Air Force and international space programs. Something, anything which, without contravening the spirit of this place, could give it a shot in the arm, and encourage a range of interested and interesting parties to contribute.

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