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Battle of Antarctica

Goa'uld siege of Earth

O'Neil: I don't know what to do.

Carter: You spent seven years on MacGyver...and you can't figure this one out...

We've got belt buckles and shoe laces and a piece of gum...build a Neucliar Reactor for crying out loud...

You used to be MacGyver...MacGadjet...MacGimmic...Now your Mr MacUseless...

Dear God...I'm stuck on a glacier with MacGyver....

O'Neill:What do you want?

Apophis:I want to live.

O'Neill:Sorry, I can't help you there, thats between you and your god... Oh wait, you are your god, now that's a problem.

O'Neill: I'm so sorry, but I was having a lovely brunch.

Ba'al: Impudence.

O'Neill: No, tuna.

O'Neill: What kind of archeaologist carries a weapon?

Jackson: Uh, I do.

Vala: Ow, you hit me.

Daniel: You hit me!

Vala: Yeah, well we could always just have sex instead.

McKay:"Yes, if only we had a magical tool that could slow time down. I foolishly left mine on earth... Did you bring yours?"

McKay: Oh it's something like spyware, like my stupidly downloaded por... music, my downloaded music.

Eli Wallace: Whatever you guys think that I did, I swear you've got the wrong guy.

Jack O'Neill: Do I look like someone who'd be standing here if I didn't already know everything there is to know about you?

Eli Wallace: No, not really.

Scott: So you've figured out where they keep the Kinos. What else have you figured out?

Eli: Give me a break, man. This is my second spaceship, and my first was yesterday!

Scott: I know. Icarus was my first SGC assignment after training. I haven't been at this much longer than you have.

Eli: Huh! Did they beam you out of your house?

Scott: No, you got me there.

O'Neill: Everett, I'll have you know I'm missing a national security briefing for this.

Young: Sorry about that, sir.

O'Neill: Well, if you'd ever been to a national security briefing, you wouldn't say that.

Eli: This is not good.

James: Try not to panic.

Eli: Experience tells me that this is a very good time to panic!

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